Breeding the drive, size, and muscle you see in a working Giant Schnauzer into a dog that will also excel in AKC conformation, and be of the upmost health and vigor. Yes, you can have it all! Our pups make wonderful family pets, working dogs, and excellent therapy/service dogs. Parents are WORKING DOGS on our FARM. We health test our parents for VWBTHYROIDHIPS and EYES. We also champion title many of our adults in conformation. Breeding for protective nature and drive to work.

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Everything on this page is a contract and if you use one of our Studs you agree to and are bound by everything on these pages.

I do not stud out our Champion, health tested, males to just any female. Please contact me to discuss if your female is of good enough quality for breeding and to discuss the logistics of breeding. Female must have negative brucellosis test within a month of breeding. Female must be AKC registered with FULL AKC registration papers and breeding rights. ALL Pups will be AKC registered. We ask ($1500 plus my pick of litter stud fee) or ($3500 for our stud fee), or (no cash and 2 puppies of my choosing for stud fee). I may not want a puppy stud fee in some cases so you will need to call to discuss. Cash stud fees are due before first breeding takes place. If you are new to us, we will only accept the $3500 cash stud fee. After that first experience we know we can trust you so can THEN take puppies as stud fee or cash and a pup stud fee. If we already know you, as in you received a pup from us, or have done business with us before, you can discuss with us if we will take the other stud fees listed if you like.
We maybe able to help you sell your pups if we do not have many ourselves at that time.

1. Do you ship Semen? No we do not, you need to have a specialty clinic that can take semen and immediately spin it in a centrifuge to separate the sperm out and then have the extender liquid on hand that needs to be added to the semen for them to live through shipping time, then the clinic cools the sperm and packages it in a way that keeps it fresh for trip. We live out in the Rural country side and there are not specialty clinics like that around here, not to mention you have to have a female on hand that is actually in heat to trick the male into giving sperm... So no we do not ship sperm.

2. Can you Artificial Inseminate my female in person instead of breeding naturally? Yes, Although It is always best to allow the dogs to breed naturally because then you know the female is in fact in standing heat and there is a better chance of a pregnancy. In some cases it may be better to just AI the female. Such as if female is aggressive to the male or is a nervous breeder. If you bring your female to me you must be ok with me muzzling her if needed and artificially inseminating her if needed. There is only 3 days within there estrus week they can get pregnant and giants are a dominant type of breed so are not always happy to be bred which does take some submission on the females part for a male to mount her. NEVER BRING ANY OTHER ANIMALS ON OUR PROPERTY. ONLY THE BITCH WE ARE BREEDING FOR YOU.

3. How do I know my female is ready to breed? That is the million dollar question... In general females are in heat for 21 days. You first see swelling of the vulva area. They will bleed for a week to a week and a half and then when bleeding has turned from bright red to a more hay coloring and swelling softness just a bit then they are ready to breed. You should take your female to your vet for your vet to take a swab of her inner discharge/cells and look under microscope to see if she is at or close to the fertile time, or even better is a blood test that shows the hormone levels. I do both on my girls and still sometimes they do not take. It is best to get this hormone testing done, so your female has the best chance of pregnancy. I do have the $3000 machine and test kits to do the progesterone test here if you need or want to use it. It is an additional $30 to use my test kits and you have to be ok with me muzzling and then poking your dog with a needle to draw the needed 1.5 ml of blood needed for this test.

4. Will you board my female for Breeding? No, You will need to bring your female while she is in standing heat and then wait approximately half an hour while they breed. Then you should bring her back every other day for a couple more breedings if possible. If you are from out of town and only here for Friday thru Sunday I would suggest breeding each day or Friday and then Sunday before you head back home. Your female is your responsibility at all times. If she gets hurt or runs off we will not replace her or pay any of your vet bills at any time.

5. How does "Pick Of Litter" choice work if that is chosen for stud service fee? In some cases I will not want a puppy for stud fee: an example is if your female has pepper/salt close up in pedigree, since I do not sell or breed that coloring myself. If I do want pick of litter stud fee I will most likely want the 2 best males in the litter but not always and I should know once pups are born or before. I will tell you right when pups are born or before so you know what puppies you can offer to potential adopters of your puppies.There are a few things you will have to have done with the puppy that is my stud fee:

a. You must have tail and dew claws docked by your vet to breed standard before 1 week of age unless I say otherwise. I can dock tails and dew claws for you if you are able to bring your litter here. If your not local your vet can do it but please take in photos of proper tails for your vet to see or he may not cut them the correct length, and tail should be sutured shut so it does not open up and scar on end. They should dock the dew claw completely off leg, do not just take at first joint or it may very well grow back. Check for back dew claws that need to be removed as well.

b. You will send me photos of the puppies I will be receiving every two weeks as they grow so I can share them with their new owners.

c. Puppies will need some type of identification such as colored collars. This is most important at 5 wks of age when puppy buyer's choose their puppy and we need to be positive they are receiving the puppy they chose. I do this myself by microchipping. Each of my own puppies i whelp here get a microchipped by me when I take their first individual pics at 5 weeks of age. If you would like to microchip my stud fee puppies at that time I can provide the microchips for you or your vet to implant them or I can do it myself if you are local and can bring the 5 wk old pups over.

d. You will give a 5 way puppy shot or Neopar/parvo shot at 5 wks of age and a 5 way puppy shot at 8 wks of age and puppies will be wormed every 2 weeks starting at 2 weeks of age. Flea /tick preventive must be used for your puppies and puppies should be well socialized.

e. Every puppy that is payment for our stud services must be given to us with the unrestricted / unlimited AKC registration puppy application handed to us the same day as puppy is transferred to us. So make sure to register your litter early with AKC which can take a few weeks to get your puppy litter papers from them.

f. A puppy given as stud fee will be guaranteed by you the dam's owner for the first year of life against any life threatening genetic defects just as one of our own puppies. If you can not replace puppy because you are not breeding again then $1500 which is partial cost of stud fee will be given to us from you within a month of vet report proof of defect so we can refund or replace the puppy to the puppy buyer.



Breeding / Stud Agreement

I, (Kristina Jordan / Jordan Giant Schnauzers), agree to breed you’re bitch with our stud male. When your bitch is in estrus, (standing heat). Day one of breeding: You will bring your bitch to our home, and wait while the two dogs mate naturally. If your female is in standing heat it will only take a few minutes. Then you will need to bring her back on day three and day five of her receptive, (standing heat) week. Only one breeding is needed if she is really ready, but you can come back for an additional 2 or more breedings if you desire during her week of standing heat. If female is not receptive to the male and is not in standing heat, or does not get pregnant, an additional breeding would be free of charge*. Payment/ stud fee is either $3500, $1500 plus a pick of litter puppy, or 2 pick of litter puppies. Female MUST not breed any male dog, other than our stud dog that has been chosen and bred to her. AKC DOES DO DNA TESTING AND WILL PULL PAPERS FROM ANY PUPPY THAT IS FROM ANY PARENT OTHER THAN THE TWO REGISTERED AS THE PARENTS. Accidental breeding would mean bitch’s owner would have to do dna testing on every pup in litter to see who father of each is. So it is important to keep female away from ALL male dogs for at least 2 wks before and after breeding week. By signing this contract, the bitch’s owner agrees that Jordan Giants and Kristina and Robert Jordan are not liable in any way for the female dog while it is at the Jordan family home / property, in the case of injury of any kind or if dog runs away. The female dog’s owner is liable for any damage their dog creates to property or injury to other dogs or people at any time. The Jordan’s will not pay for vet bills for any reason of the dog that does not belong to them and will not replace a dog if any injury occurs. The owner of the dog is responsible for their dog 100% while the dog is at the Jordan’s home in the owner’s presents and or absence. Bitch's owner agrees to allow for Kristina Jordan to AI, “Artificial Inseminate" the female if she, (Kristina), deems necessary and or to muzzle the bitch if needed.

If Kristina Jordan chooses Stud Fee that is money: (CASH ONLY and is PAID BEFORE BREEDING TAKES PLACE):

All money is due before breeding takes place. *There is no refund of stud fees if female fails to get pregnant, however future breedings are free until female has a litter of at least 3 puppies born. If bitch continually fails to become pregnant after 3 or 4 mated heat cycles, (and testing to show she was indeed on her most fertile days for the breedings were done), I would suggest getting the female reproductive testing done. Any free future breedings are contingent on us having a stud to breed to. If we retire one day, and have no studs to offer, then no future breedings would be available and no compensation for this breeding loss will be given. If Kristina Jordan selects payment / fee to be pick of litter: Pick puppy or puppies are of Kristina’s choosing. In the case of only 3 puppies born a second breeding will be free, (see above). If payment / fee is to be pick of litter puppy or puppies bitch’s owner agrees to the following.

Bitch’s owner will provide the FULL / UNLIMITED AKC Puppy application papers, and give those papers at time of puppy transfer to Kristina.

Bitch’s owner must have the “stud fee puppies” brought to Kristina’s home after they are weaned from their mother.

The stud fee puppy / puppies must have first set of shots at 5 wks and then 8 wks of age and wormed every 2 wks. Puppy / puppies must be checked by veterinarian and certified healthy, and also have tail and dew claws docked as breed standard states. Puppy may have No defects of any kind. If puppy has a defect it will be returned to Bitch’s owner within a week of transfer for an exchange for a puppy without a defect.

Bitch’s owner guarantees Stud fee puppy / puppies against any life-threatening genetic defects for first year of life and will replace puppy or if not able to replace will give $1500 within 1 month of vet report review stating puppy has a life-threatening genetic defect.

Bitch’s owner will have the bred female checked by a veterinarian at 55 to 60 days gestation to check if any fetuses are present. Just a general check is needed not an x-ray. You can also wait until 65 days and if no puppies arrive then you can take your female to the vet for a check on if she is indeed pregnant or not. BITCH MUST BE MICROCHIPPED BEFORE OR AT FIRST BREEDING, ALL VET REPORTS MUST SHOW MICROCHIP NUMBER. We will need evidence if there is a claim that less than 3 pups were born or there was no litter born from breeding.

In the event of a puppy’s death, or false pregnancy, or no pregnancy a veterinary statement must be provided by bitch’s owner stating female or dead puppy was checked and was indeed seen to be not pregnant or in the case of a dead puppy, that the puppy is indeed deceased, a necropsy is not needed, just a general professional check to confirm puppy is dead and have the death on vet’s records.


Bitch’s owner agrees to send Kristina a copy of the vet statement / bill when puppies’ dew claws / tails are docked stating how many puppies where in the litter. Bitch’s owner will provide a copy, or show in person, a copy of his/her driver’s license and monthly bill in his/her name stating current address. Please bring proof that bitch has had all vaccinations required, as well as negative brucellosis test done within the past 30 days..

By signing below you agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement:

Male / Stud’s Breed:________________________ Male’s Name:_____________________________________

Male's AKC Number:________________________ Male's Microchip Number:__________________________

Stud Fee agreed to by both parties:___________________________________________ Date Paid:__________

Female’s Breed:____________________________ Female’s Name:___________________________________

Female’s Microchip Number: ________­________________ Female's AKC Number:_____________________

Female Owner’s PRINTED Name:_____________________________________________________________

Female Owner’s Signature:_________________________________________ Date:______________


Phone# _______________________________________________________

Breeder / Stud Dog Owner, Kristina Jordan Signature: _____________________________________________

Dates mating resulted in tie/lock/AI : & Additional comments:_______________________________________




Breeder / Stud’s Owner: Kristina Jordan 816-866-6104, Garden City MO

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