Breeding the drive, size, and muscle you see in a working Giant Schnauzer into a dog that will also excel in AKC conformation, and be of the upmost health and vigor. Yes, you can have it all! Our pups make wonderful family pets, working dogs, and excellent therapy/service dogs. Parents are WORKING DOGS on our FARM. We health test our parents for VWBTHYROIDHIPS and EYES. We also champion title many of our adults in conformation. Breeding for protective nature and drive to work.


Below is a list of upcoming, current, and past breeding dogs and their pedigree and health testing results. A few dogs below are some of our retired past dogs. Please ask if you have questions… We only ever keep a handful of adults at our home because they each need individual attention and training. Although we do champion some out to show the quality we have, most our dogs are our working farm dogs herding cattle and farm protection. So their pups, like their parents, should have drive to work and protect their family. Do well as service dogs, in agility, obedience, protection, herding, you name it they can do it, they LIVE to work! We do health testing on each dog below for VWB, Thyroid, OFA eyes, and OFA on Hips at 2 yra old or PENN hip. SIZE: ALL our adults are mid size range to over the breed standard. If at all possible It is a good idea to visit the breeder to see the parents of your future puppy, so you can see what size and quality your pup could end up. You can see AKC breed standard as to size and Conformation on our BLOG page.


MARCO: Russian Champion- Gloris Marco Aurelio, Breeder Pic taken when still young at about a yr old.

Click Here For Marco’s Pedigree and Testing

Marco is a Champion from Russia as you can see on his Russian Pedigree linked above. His parents are also champions and he is from a long line of international champions. He is a very strong boy with real substance and is well trained. He fit right in on our farm with herding cattle, protecting the farm perimeter, and getting along with the other dogs. He is a very large boy and has a nice thicker type mixed coat with just the right amount of soft hairs to make those nice full looking pillar legs but still has the harder guard hairs as to the breed standard. Some might consider him a soft coat because he does have a lot of furnishings and a thicker coat. His ears and tail are natural since they do not crop in Russia. I expect some gorgeous pups in all coat types from him depending on who I breed him to. You can  see via link above his pedigree and health testing done in Russia. He is tested and passed for everything such as hips, eyes, and here in US has passed testing for VWB and Thyroid. See link above.

AKC Champion- Ayrton Senna- (DRACO) – imported from Serbia. Pics taken at 2 yrs old with a wonderful show handler, JoAnn Friese.

Click Here For Draco’s Pedigree and Testing

Draco is an AKC Champion we imported from Serbia. He also had the drive and smarts to fit right in on our farm with herding cattle, and protecting the farm perimeter. He is a very large boy and has a nice thicker type mixed coat with just the right amount of soft hairs to make those nice full looking pillar legs but still has the harder guard hairs as to the breed standard. Some might consider him a soft coat because he does have a lot of furnishings and a thicker coat. His coat is a tad softer than Marco’s coat is.  His ears are natural since they do not crop in Serbia. I expect some gorgeous pups in all coat types from him depending on who I breed him to. You can  see via link above his pedigree and health testing. He is tested and passed for everything such as hips, eyes, VWB, and Thyroid. See link above.

LUNA: Otis Boanergos Infamous Dark Luna (UKRAINE)

Luna’s Pedigree and Health Testing

Very affectionate black beauty from the Ukraine. She has a calm demeanor but still alarms us to new people and predators, as any good Giant Schnauzer should. She has a nice mix to soft coat and we are excited to see the wonderful pups we will get from her Ukrainian conformation and working dog heritage. She has been health tested and cleared for VWB, Thyroid, Eyes ofa certified normal, and has past on PENN HIP for her hips. Click on the link to see her pedigree and health testing results.


Dahlia: Jordan’s Black Dahlia


Dahlia’s Pedigree and Health Testing

Dahlia is a calm gentle girl that has drive to work, but is also just as happy sitting up next to you watching a late night movie. She is not dominant at all when it comes to other female dogs, which is different than the average giant female. She has a mix to soft coat, although in this pic it has been stripped out so does not look as soft as it usually does. She has been health tested and cleared for VWB, Thyroid, Eyes ofa certified normal, and has past on PENN HIP for her hips. Click on the link to see her pedigree and health testing results.

ROWDY ANN: Jordan’s Cowboy Up Rowdy Ann

Rowdy Ann’s Pedigree and Testing

Ann’s mother is our Champion Destiny and father is our Champion Rowdy. She was named after her father and is spirited like him. She is a soft coat. Many champs in her pedigree and she has been health tested and cleared for VWB, Thyroid, Eyes ofa certified normal, hips ofa certified Good. Click on the link to see her pedigree and health testing results. I expect some nice top quality pups from this girl. She is a lot like her mother Destiny. She is upper end of breed standard on height, her mother and father are over the breed standard.



 Jordan’s “Lady” Syrena

Lady’s Pedigree and Testing

Pic above was taken at 1 yr old, she is more filled out now and has more muscle and weight on her now. She is a mixed coat girl that is a grand daughter of my Ch Barbosa and Calypso. By the dogs in her pedigree she should produce nice sized Giants. I can get any coat type puppies from her. She has been health tested and cleared for VWB, Thyroid, Eyes ofa certified, and hips are Penn Hip tested in mid range of .49 so ok for breeding. Click on link to see pedigree and health testing results. Protective, super smart, and a loving gentle mother.



BELLA: Jordan’s Midnight Bella Rose: Pic taken when nursing pups so ignore boobies please:

Bella is a soft coat girl that is a daughter of my Ch Rowdy and Calypso. You can look at both her parent’s pedigrees on this page to see her nice lineage. Just like ALL my females I can get any coat type puppies from her, depending on who I breed her to. One of my biggest girls. She has been health tested and cleared for VWB, Thyroid, Eyes ofa certified, and Hips were done with Penn Hip with a score of .33 which is a good result and passing for breeding. She is a typical young rambunctious Giant female always ready to work or play, mischievous at times, and super smart..

Bella’s Pedigree and Testing


NOVA:  Otis Boanergos Novarro: Pic taken before coming here to the US. She is from the Ukraine:

Mixed coat girl from the Ukraine. Mixed coat. Just like ALL my females I can get any coat type puppies from her, depending on who I breed her to. Click link below to see her outstanding Ukrainian pedigree. She has been health tested and cleared for VWB, Thyroid, Eyes ofa certified, and Hips were done with Penn Hip with a score of .44 which is a good result and passing for breeding.  She is my smallest female at 25″ tall which is still on the higher end of the breed standard. Well trained calm type personality and always willing to work.

Nova’s Pedigree and Testing


Jordans’ Majestic Calypso: (RETIRED)… Soft Coat.


Jordans’ Peppermint Patty: (RETIRED)…


PEARL: Jordan’s Black Pearl’s Revenge: (RETIRED)

Jordans’ Rowdy-AKC Champion: (RETIRED) He  is a thick mix to a soft coat.

Click Here For Pedigree and Testing

Jordans’ Barbosa-AKC Champion: (RETIRED) He is a full Hard coat. Doesn’t get any more Wire / Hard / German than his coat.

Click Here For Pedigree and Testing

DESTINY: (RETIRED) AKC Champion: Destiny of Loyalty

Click Here For Pedigree and Testing


HEALTH TESTING: Breed Health Testing is something I feel very strongly about on our Giant Schnauzers. All my personal adults are health tested. This is a rare breed and so you will see more issues pop up in the lines than you will see in breeds with more diverse backgrounds. Just because the parents pass testing does not guarantee a pup won’t have an issue but it does drastically reduce the chance of it. If no breeders do the health testing then eventually the solid blacks will have genetics for bad hips. I suggest only buying from a breeder that does all the health testing and then asking to see the certified results of the testing. I can not express how important it is to ONLY buy a puppy from fully health tested parents that are tested for: VonWillbrands, Thyroid, Hips, and Eyes.



Health Testing Recommendations by the Orthopedic Foundation Of Animals:

The OFA, working with the breed’s parent club, recommends the following basic health screening tests for all breeding stock. . The breed specific list below represents the basic health screening recommendations. It is not all encompassing. There may be other health screening tests appropriate for this breed. And, there may be other health concerns for which there is no commonly accepted screening protocol available. Now some prefer the hips get penn hip which is fine, but just make sure they are doing either penn hip or ofa on their adults that are over 2 yrs old which is when ofa will evaluate them.

  • Eye Examination by a boarded ACVO Ophthalmologist
  • Autoimmune thyroiditis
  • Hip Dysplasia either ofa or penn hip


Conformation show dogs: Now many people ask what look you need to win at a conformation show. Wire coat, Mix coat, or American soft coat??? Personally I like the fullness of the fuller coat dog but a full soft coat can be very thick and hard to manage… The Mixed coat is my first choice and where most of our puppies fall in. We do get all coat types in our litters. There has been champions in all three coat types / and both elegant and muscular build… and it is up to the “Eye of the Beholder”, aka “Show Judge” which dog wins. Your handler / groomer also makes a big difference in if your dog is a winner or not… We breed great quality Schnauzers and we prefer the working dog look with the mixed coat. So we try to get mixed coats with 50 / 50 mix but many times it goes one way or the other… Sometimes soft, sometimes hard, and sometimes mixed. A puppy’s coat can change a lot as it grows as well. A pup that started very soft can end up 50 / 50 … Never seen a hard coat turn into a soft coat though.  The breed standard is very important if you care about the breed so we do not breed dogs that are way bigger or way smaller than that standard. I have had many compliments on the body type of our parents, their appropriate size and broad muscular chest seems to be what the pet owners as well as the conformation buyers want. Our dogs stick to the breed standard and I feel size needs to be on the mid range to upper end of the standard to have the presence a giant should have. Now I will add that we can not and will not guarantee size because on occasion even large parents can have a litter of pups that end up on the lower end of the breed standard. Also, you can not compare sizes of different lines since some lines start off as large puppies and other lines start off with smaller pups but in the end they all catch up to be within the breed standard with very few exceptions to the rule. A runt may never catch up or may end up the biggest when grown. A perfectly proportionate pup will still be a skinny awkward looking teenager, so keep that in mind, Giants don’t come into their muscle until they are around 3 to 4 years of age. This breed is slow to mature so will take some time for the muscle to fill out, so it is best to hold off neutering if possible until 2 yrs of age for this reason. All Our parent dogs are great quality and some are champions but they are just as good at pulling a cart full of kids as they would be winning in the ring. In my opinion there is nothing prettier than a large muscular schnauzer that has that beautiful soft American or mixed coat that has a nice schnauzer cut. If you want a titled dog but do not want to mess with the “POLITICS” of conformation you might be more interested in obedience or agility trials. You can visit AKC.ORG to see the list of AKC events in your area.

Our giant pups come from some of the best working and show lines you can find. “Show” lines are conformation titles you can see in the pedigrees above. “Working” as in they have actual working jobs such as farm live stock dogs, protection, police, search and rescue, medical service mobility dogs. We’ve worked hard to ensure that when we breed we will meet and exceed our expectations. We breed for quality, not quantity, so we only have a handful of litters a year of these gorgeous deep rich black Giant Schnauzer puppies. Moms and dads are TRUE Giants as to the breed standard and are champion quality dogs and puppies will be BIG and BEAUTIFUL!!! Moms are around 65 to 90 pounds and dads are also mid to large size as to breed standard. All our Giant Schnauzer puppies come with AKC papers, shots up to date, vet checked, tail/dew claws done, potty training started, super dog military training started from 3 days of age, and well socialized… We work hard to socialize every puppy and get him/her used to every environment and different people. All our breeding Giants get testing done around 2 years of age. Some of the things we test for are: Von Willebrand’s Disease, thyroid, cerf eyes, and hips. If a dog does not pass all health tests they are given out as a pet to our family and friends. Testing parents is not a 100% guarantee your pup won’t have an issue the parents are cleared of, but it does dramatically lower the chances of anything developing in your pup. PLEASE only buy a pup from a Giant Schnauzer breeder that does ALL testing, not just one or two things! Just because a breeder has been breeding for 40 years or is well known in the show ring as having many champions does not make them the best breeder! If this breeder is not doing ALL of the breed health testing “Von Willebrand’s Disease, thyroid, eyes, and hips, they are not breeding for health and you are taking a risk getting a pup that will not have a long life span and could have a horrible painful life with joint issues. We are a member of the National Search Dog Alliance and donate puppies to qualified search and rescue groups, and law enforcement at no charge. The Schnauzer name derived from the German word “Schnauze,” which means “muzzle.” The Giant Schnauzer is called the “Riesenschnauzer” in Germany, which means “the giant.” The Giant Schnauzer was used as a cattle driving dog in Bavaria, and as a guard dog by the police and military and excels at Schutzhund. This breed has a loyal protective nature. They are wonderful for someone that wants a dog that trains as easily as a German Shepherd but does not shed like shepherds do. Do we crop ears if buyer requests it? Yes: We will get the ears done if buyer wants it done. We prefer you get it done yourself for the reasons stated below, but we can have it done by our vet before your puppy leaves if you want that. Payment for ear cropping is due before ears get cropped on pups that are going to be shipped! If your Schnauzer’s ears get cropped either by our vet or your own, I will be happy to show you how to post the ears yourself. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to post ears once you have everything set up to do so. If we get the ears cropped by our vet it costs extra, see payment/guarantee page for pricing. I only crop the ears on puppies that the new owner has asked us to do it on. Please keep in mind if you get a puppy that is over 8 weeks of age you can still get the ears cropped on your own by your local vet that offers that procedure. Most vets will do it up to 14 weeks of age. At our home we like to get the ears done at 6 to 8 weeks of age so pups can go to their new homes asap, but will do it up to 14 weeks of age if you pick a puppy that is that age, and vet says ears are still croppable. The puppy will be ready to go to his/her new home about 7 to 10 days later when the stitches have been removed. If you decide to have your local vet crop the ears call them and ask up to what age they will crop it at. My vet will do it up until a puppy is 14weeks old, although for best results and shorter posting time, between 6-12 weeks is best. There are many different types of cropping on a Schnauzer’s ears and our vet looks at each puppy individually and decides which cropping would be the best for that puppy. If you want a specific cropping style you will need to send us pictures of it to give to the vet, but in the end our vet will cut the way he wants to, and that is out of our hands. If you want extra tall ears, or wider ears, you may have alot of taping and posting work in your future if the ear structure of your puppy is not meant to support that type of ear. Please keep in mind if we get the ears cropped you are obligated to stick with your chosen puppy even if you do not like the ear cropping cut. If ears end up not to your liking, or if you feel our vet did not crop them well, or even straight and even, we do not replace or refund. So if you are super stressed over getting the “perfect ear” find your own vet to do it on your own after you have your puppy. This is one of the reasons why I suggest you just get your pup with natural ears and take it to your local vet to get the ears done yourself. Ear cropping is an elective cosmetic procedure and is not covered under our guarantee, so if you get your pup and then elect to get ears cropped by your vet and pup dies on the surgical table we will not replace the puppy. When a pup’s ears are cut by our vet shipping your puppy may be more expensive since your puppy will be a bigger dog by the time it can be shipped. Contact us for a quote on shipping if pup is 9 weeks or older.  Shipping fees are always subject to change as transport costs increase. If your pup comes with ears already cropped the ears may still be healing when you receive your puppy so take care of the ears like you would any wound until all flesh has healed completely. Please also keep in mind the ears on a Giant Schnauzer with cropped ears needs to be taped on and off for a while to get the perfect erect ear. I will gladly talk you through taping up your pet’s ears so you will not have to have a vet do it. It is a very simple procedure. If you are local you can set up an appointment for me to post your pup’s ears for you for free, and also show you how to do it on your own… I also have a link to a how to video on taping the ears on the grooming page. All puppies that (WE) crop ears for that are to be shipped must be paid for in full before cropping is done. As always if you are picking your pup up in person everything you owe after the deposit you can finish paying at pick up time in CASH. I personally prefer the natural look as seen in the pic on the left below. I feel there is just nothing cuter than a big dog running through the yard and having those big floppy ears flying…..

Natural Ears        

Cropped Ears

Soft Coat Pup              

Hard Coat Pup



Soft Coat Adult in Show Cut      

Hard Coat Adult In Show Cut


Located in the Garden City, Mo area and shipping is available if needed. Tail and dewclaws will be removed at 3 days of age. If you want a Schnauzer with a long tail you must contact us before that time. We can also take your payment early for a future puppy if you want one with a long tail in an upcoming litter. All shots and worming will be up to date when you receive your giant. We stand behind our Giants 100% and guarantee them against any life threatening genetic disorders provided you feed and exercise them properly. For a puppy less than a year of age we have a very nice health guarantee against any life threatening genetic defects for the first year of life. We can ship your pup, so please e- mail us for shipping availability and pricing. Shipping rates depend on how big your pup is and if it is going to the US or Canada…  If your puppy is bigger it may be a few more dollars… So again, call for price of shipping on individual puppies.. These puppies are our babies & friends! We spoil them with much love and attention, as we are true animal lovers. The “puppies live on our 100 acre family farm raised with 5 children and farm pets. They each get individual attention and socializing required to start them off as stable and confident pups. We have just recently changed our policy on allowing full/open AKC registration papers as the “norm” for all pups to providing limited AKC registration papers, UNLESS prior arrangements are made. We hope to encourage responsible breeding by implementing this new policy. Breeding healthy, happy puppies is not easy…just ask ANY reputable breeders! I am not against providing full registry papers but need to speak to the buyer and find out their true intentions before I decide on giving full papers to them. I have hundreds of ads out from many years of breeding so if you run across one that states full AKC please remember we provide limited registration now unless we agree to do otherwise after speaking to the buyer. I do not promote breeding them for the sake of breeding, and do advice, after reaching full growth, to get them spayed or neutered for their own health. If you get a dog from us for breeding we will be happy to guide you through the process. If you decide to breed your dog you have purchased and would like full breeding rights please call us to discuss. If your puppy was not a top quality puppy breeding rights might still be available as long as pup is good quality, so call to discuss if you are wanting them. Our Giants are beautiful loyal gentle giants. If you have a disability that requires a large medical service dog, and your doctor agrees and writes you a script for one, you can ask if we are taking applications for a disability discount of $500.  We also donate for even less and sometimes totally free to non for profit organizations such as SEARCH AND RESCUE, MILITARY, POLICE, ETC… If you are interested in our dogs as WORKING DOGS, not medical service dogs, email me to discuss. The price of our pups is less expensive than you will find anywhere for a Giant Schnauzer puppy of this quality, with health tested parentage, and AKC Champion parentage. We have had many of our puppies have great success in conformation as well as agility and obedience trials. Many of our past puppies have made wonderful service and therapy dogs as well. Please read the Payment / Guarantee page for full HEALTH GUARANTEE and PRICING INFO.



A Past Giant Schnauzer Pup at 6 months old, Natural ears.



Here are some past Giant Schnauzer puppies at different ages.