Breeding the drive, size, and muscle you see in a working Giant Schnauzer into a dog that will also excel in AKC conformation, and be of the upmost health and vigor. Yes, you can have it all! Our pups make wonderful family pets, working dogs, and excellent therapy/service dogs. Parents are WORKING DOGS on our FARM. We health test our parents for VWBTHYROIDHIPS and EYES. We also champion title many of our adults in conformation. Breeding for protective nature and drive to work.


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Only those who have purchased one of our puppies should post on this page. Write your positive or negative review here. Of course we always ask if you have a complaint to first contact us before leaving a bad review so we can try and make it right with you because we strive to make every puppy buyer happy. There will always be some persons in business that are unhappy no matter what the seller tries to do but I am honest and truly care about my pups, their new owners, and our professional reputation. Please take the time to read any comment I may post explaining my side of a buyer complaint. I’m sure you will see I was professional and did all I could to make it right. Don’t be shy, we want honest opinions here. So write your review for all to see. This is the only place online a buyer can post a review as to the puppy purchase contract. That way I see it and future buyers can see both sides to get a fair review. This page is truly the only place you will find the full story from buyer and seller. So is the only honest review place. Puppy buyers are also welcome to come back and post again as your puppy grows. Don’t forget a photo of your pet for everyone to see!

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