Breeding the drive, size, and muscle you see in a working Giant Schnauzer into a dog that will also excel in AKC conformation, and be of the upmost health and vigor. Yes, you can have it all! Our pups make wonderful family pets, working dogs, and excellent therapy/service dogs. Parents are WORKING DOGS on our FARM. We health test our parents for VWBTHYROIDHIPS and EYES. We also champion title many of our adults in conformation. Breeding for protective nature and drive to work.

Pet’s age at posting: 18 mths

Our giant is named Corvus. He is currently 18 months old and is the BEST dog I have ever owned! You know the labs and the cocker spaniels, they’re not very ‘smart’. Corvus is the most intelligent dog I’ve ever seen! He loves being by our side at ALL times- which is great! It can also be a bit of a challenge when we can’t have him next to our leg but he’s there anyways. A giant schnauzer is not for a first time dog owner! You need to have kindness and patience with him because he responds best to loving discipline. Corvus tries to ‘get one over on you’- he tries tricking you or slyly grabbing a napkin off the counter; he knows what he is doing is wrong, so he  thinks nobody notices the naughty things he does. By the way, he is tall enough to lay his head on the counter without trying. But Corvus loves playing ‘stick’, loves swimming, and is wonderfully protective of us and our property. He will low-growl when someone he doesn’t know or likes comes up to us or on to our property. He loves chasing the lizzards and butterfly shadows he sees, and loves searching for ground beetles. When he finds them he loves playing with them- but will always spit them out when he’s finished. As a dog groomer of 15 years, I can safely say he has THE BEST coat anyone could ever ask for. He loves being brushed but you can skip a couple of weeks if needed and he will not have a mat that is not brushable. It looks thick and unruly, but all the clumps of hair and weeds brush right out! I appreciate that Tina allowed us to go to her home and look at her kennel as well as the momma dogs with their pups. It reassured me that the adult dogs are well taken care of as well as the puppies. Tina doesn’t run some ‘backyard breeding’ kennel; she runs a professional, clean kennel and cares for all her dogs and makes sure the puppies go to good homes. Thanks for making my experience with this whole process easy and understandable Tina!
Jennifer: email-

Pet’s age at posting: 16 wks

Our Giant schnauzer puppy Ninja has been a wonder addition to our family! My husband Dustin and I cannot imagine life without him! He is sweet, VERY energetic, and smart. We have gotten many compliments on how he is such a beautiful dog. We have been able to teach him many tricks and potty train him in 2 weeks! He is perfect and we love him!
Dionne: email-

Pet’s age at posting: 7 mths

We are in love with our puppy, she has met all expectations… wonderful personality, so much fun/playful, wants to please, fast learner and companion. Not to mention how beautiful she is. Shiny full coat and built so strong. I have recommended this breeder to family and friends, we couldn’t be more pleased..
Zoe: email-

Pet’s age at posting: 11 wks

We’ve only had our GS puppy, Kaiser, for 3 weeks but already can’t imagine life without him. He’s our first GS and is so true to the breed – confident, high energy, driven, extremely loyal and intelligent, and a true ‘velcro’ dog. By day 2 he had already learned the commands sit, down, high five, and speak. He picks up anything we want to teach him within minutes. Tina must have started crate training with him because there was never any adjustment period getting him used to his crate – he’s loved it from the very first night and has never had an accident in it. We feel like we got so lucky with Kaiser but the reality is that good breeding makes all the difference. Kaiser is growing like a week and already well over 20lbs – he’s going to be a big boy like his dad, Rowdy. We hope to also get a female GS from Tina in the near future.
Miekal: email-

Pet’s age at posting: 11 mths

After deliberating for over a year on the perfect dog for us, we embarked on the journey of finding the right breeder. We drove 1000 miles to meet with Kristina and to look at the kennel and puppies. All of our questions were answered either over the phone or in person, txt, whatever it took. The kennel is beautifully designed and clean, the dam and sire were on site for us to meet and all the health tests were done. We selected a puppy that was born in October (6weeks old) and drove another 1000 miles to pick her up when she was ready to come home. We couldn’t be happier with the experience of Jordan Kennel. Kristina went through everything with us including demonstrating how to tape our dog’s ears for the next few weeks. Our puppy is now 11 months old and she has exceeded our expectations! We knew what to expect and we hoped to be able to someday use her in search and rescue or as a therapy dog and certainly get her Canine Good Citizen certified. We began training for obedience immediately and she is already well above any dogs her age in therapy dog training and obedience. She goes wherever we go and as a result loves everybody, no matter what age or appearance. At the same time, when something doesn’t seem right to her, she is displaying her protective skills naturally. She is wonderful with other dogs and loves to fetch frisbees, leaping into the air and leaving us impressed with her athletic abilities. All that just about how capable this dog is of anything you ask her to do. The best part is that she problem solves herself. That is a true test of an intelligent dog. Now to the disposition. She was only challenging as a puppy, having to learn to settle, not bite or chew on things, be sweet…all the usual stuff with puppies. She was easy to potty train, crate train and minded well. She is very sweet, attentive and a joy to be with. We have devoted a lot of time and attention to her and the results are truly worth every moment. Because of the excellent breeding, she is also a show stopper. It is very satisfying to be able to go with her anywhere and know she is well behaved, will greet everyone happily and is a beautiful example of a true Giant Schnauzer. Beauty, health and intelligence with a sweet disposition to boot. We couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Kristina.
Dave and Monika:

Pet’s age at posting: 15 mths

Let me start out by saying that this puppy has our whole heart. She (Baker’s Rebel Princess Leia) is our first Giant. We have her and two 13lb mini schnauzers, 1 male and 1 female. She loves to play with our mini boy Max and is extremely gentle with him. She gets down on his level to play and will even roll over on her back to make him think he is winning. We have been extremely happy with her temperament and she is very healthy. She is well socialized and super smart. We put her in a two week boarded training program to have her leash trained. She took to it immediately and we get compliments on her behavior and appearance wherever we go. We take her camping and boating with us and she takes her job of guard dog seriously especially after dark. We feel very safe with her around. She is a constant source of joy. We spayed her at 10 months and had no issues. She is definitely a velcro dog and we love that about her. I must emphasize training and showing her that you are alpha. Training her is the best thing we ever did. She is also crate trained at night and when we are not at home for short periods of time. We take her to doggie day care a few days per week where she gets constant reinforcement of her leash training, proper socialization and a chance to burn off excess energy. I would highly recommend the Jordan’s and send people to the website who are wanting to find a reputable Giant Schnauzer breeder. We would absolutely purchase another puppy from them if we decided we wanted another pet.

The Bakers: email-

Hard / Wire coat male puppy: Pets age at posting: 9 weeks old

Our puppy Cillian is so sweet and gentle! Can’t say enough about him! We’ve only had him for 4 hours and he is so friendly with all the neighbors. He took a long plane ride to get here and you would never know it by his demeanor. So happy with our new addition to our family!

Matthew: email-

Hard / Wire coat male puppy: Pets age at posting: 9 weeks old

We have had our new puppy Havok for 5 days now, and he is absolutely stunning. He is the sweetest puppy I have ever owned. Tina has answered every one of our many questions promptly and kindly. She has made the process of getting our new puppy extremely easy.

Errol: email-

Pets age at posting: 9mths

Harvey is almost 9 months old and we can’t imagine our lives without him. He loves his boys, car rides, and snacks! Any snack, any time! He’s full of energy and can keep up with his three brothers. Most importantly, Harvey is so loyal and loves us more than we could ever have imagined.

Shanna, email-

Pets age at posting: 11wks

Tina was great to work with throughout the entire process and answered any questions we had. We picked up Rose about a 1 and 1/2 ago and she has been a wonderful addition to our family.  

She is 100% puppy and very playful. She is also extremely loyal and smart. I can’t believe how quickly she is picking up skills.

She is growing so fast and her coat is amazingly soft. We could not be more happy with our giant schnauzer and highly recommend Tina.

Mary, email-

Pets age at posting: 11wks

We have had our puppy for 3 weeks and she is 11 weeks now. She came with microchip, all appropriate vaccines, food and vitamin samples, ear crop, and full registration. We got to see all her beautiful dogs and our puppies parents, and even got to see the sweet newborn babies. She is a very healthy, happy, and energetic puppy and we just love her to pieces. It was a pleasure doing business with Tina!

Ashley, email-

Pets age at posting: 14 wks

I purchased a GS male. He is now 14 weeks and we absolutely adore this boy. He is happy, healthy, and extremely intelligent. My experience with Jordan’s Giant Schnauzers had been a very positive one. Do your research.. All breeders are NOT the same. Some come from puppy mill type facilities and their health is NOT a priority. You get what you pay for. Looking forward to many years with Keo

Sherrie, email-

Pets age at posting: 8 wks

Sparkles is a great addition to the family. A wonderful little girl. Thank you!!!

Ken, email- does not want to post email address

Pets age at posting: 14 months

We’ve now had Cinder for a little over a year. She is a fantastic Giant Schnauzer! We finished her first round of training sessions and she was the star of the class at 6 months old. She has the best coat I’ve ever seen on a Giant Schnauzer. Even though she has the soft coat, it rarely mattes. I would definitely recommend Jordan Family to anyone looking for a Giant Schnauzer!!

Penny, email-

Pets age at posting: 12 weeks

Excellent breeder, very good communication. Pup came with appropriate vaccines, deworming schedule, ear cropped, micro chipped. Our vet loves her and so does everyone who meets her! The best part we have the most beautiful Giant Schnauzer who is the absolute perfect addition to our family!! Thank you Tina 

Gillian VanSnick-Daniels 

VS Equestrian Ltd. 


Gillian, email-

Pets age at posting: 11 weeks

Excellent doing business with Kristina
Very accommodating
Saw her puppies just before Thanksgiving and picked her up the following week
A difficult decision to choose just one
A healthy and VERY energetic puppy
Maggie is making herself at home here
Giving our Standard Schnauzer heck
She is all ready following him out the doggie doors
She likes the food recommended as does our male
She loves walks in the park next to us – a 1/4 mile seems like nothing to her
Definitely recommend Jordan Family

Sorry, she is not keen on staying still for pictures
If you need a reference please reach out to Mary Ann or myself

Bernie, email- does not want email displayed.

Pets age at posting: 8 months

Our dog Marshall is a giant schnauzer that is a product of Kristina Jordan’s dogs. He is currently 8 months old and 65 lbs. He doesn’t shed AT ALL and he is the most gentle giant anyone has ever met! Marshall is amazing with my 3 small kids and gets along with every dog he meets! He is truly our dream dog and we are very grateful to have him! My best friend loves him so much that she too purchased a dog from Miss Jordan. My best friends dog is just as intelligent, LOVING, docile, and sweet as my Marshall! Kristina Jordan truly breeds dogs that are the best of the best.

Carly, email-

Pets age at posting: 14 weeks

I found Kristina through my best friend’s recommendation. I contacted her first in July of 2017 and placed a deposit for a male from a future litter.

I had MANY questions which Kristina always addressed via text or phone call. Kristina was always very prompt with her responses as well as extremely professional. I left it to her to select our Pup based upon the right fit for our family.

Kristina selected the perfect Giant Schnauzer puppy for us. We received him, via plane, at exactly 8 weeks old. The shipping process was made seamless by her as all we had to do was collect him at the airport.

Shep is an amazing GS. He is extremely intelligent, happy, playful and an excellent listener. At 14 weeks old today, I cannot believe what I’ve been able to teach him in such a short amount of time. His disposition is excellent.

Kristina truly breeds high quality Giant Schnauzers. If you’re considering this breed, look no further if you’ve been lucky enough to come across her website.

Thank you Kristina for picking Shep for us! He is perfect.


Bonnie, email-

Pets age at posting: 11 weeks

Just a few days ago we picked up from the airport our new member of the family. We were doing a lot of researches in order to find a reputable Breeder . When I found Kristina Jordan I realized that I found my puppy.
From our very first phone call she was very helpful. She explained me a lot . I was asking thousands of questions and she answered every single one. And I am sure she will answer many more. The puppy is very cute and most important healthy. Upon receiving a puppy I showed it to my vet and was told that puppy is from very reputable Breeder who cares. Also puppy came with a cropped ears and my vet said that it was a great job. I enjoyed overall process!
If you are looking for a nice puppy don’t look any further !
Call Kristina and you will be happy!

Alex, email-

Pets age at posting: 1 year
She’s a celebrity here, can’t go on walks without people taking pics and stopping us. I’ve sent many your way. Brenda email:

Pets age at posting: 1 year
Kristina,Here’s a picture of Pluto. He is an awesome Service Dog in Training. Please let us know when you can donate another one. Happy New Year!
Milissa with Noelle’s Dogs Four Hope